Warhammer 40k goes back to the mainstream.

If you've been online today and surfing 40k sites, I'm sure you've seen the breaking news: GW is going start selling model kits as, well, model kits. It's actually a pretty smart move on their
part. They are old molds, and they are being repurposed for a market that may not care/do not know their relevance or significance.

Image credit: Tiny Plastic Spacemen and others.
It's all going to depend on the price. Will they be discounted from retail at the participating locations to be cheaper than the corresponding gaming version, which would cause a buying frenzy, or are they going to gouge unsuspecting non-40k model builders? Either way, I really like that they are being smart about utilizing obsolete (or just older) molds. The colored plastic is neat as well.

I'm willing to bet that we may see these (in the US) at Hobbytown USA, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and maybe even Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us and Walmart.

I'm seeing a lot of complaints online about GW's intentions. I'm not sure that it even matters.

Image credit: Tiny Plastic Spacemen.

In my opinion, this is a smart move to attempt to diversify their customer base. But I'm in the minority about it, apparently.

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  1. I think its a smart move too. Its hard to compare the price anyhow since there is glue and paint in these packs. If they have any sense they'll put a short story in too to hook people on the world.