Budgethammer: Cheap but great battle board

The obligatory montage. Please ignore the outdated recording studio in the back. I've switched to almost all software instruments.
For those of you in the U.S., the Sports Authority chain is going out of business. There are actually some
pretty phenomenal deals there to be had. In the fitness section (a place unknown to me until I spotted a Pokemon there), they had this:
No, not the craters or the night scythe.

They have a set of padded carpet tiles used to cover a workout room that have been marked down to about $35.00. They interlock to make a flat surface, 4' X 6', with rounded edging. 
It's actually pretty high quality, and I won't have a heart attack if someone bleeds on it (we play intense games).

They break down into a stack of six 2' X 2' pieces and are as about as light as this type of thing could be. They are rubber-backed and don't move at all on my ping pong table. It really looks nice for city fights and death worlds, and the muted grey, if you use it with similarly muted terrain, makes armies really pop.

Don't get me wrong. I love GW's Realm of Battle boards and Forgeworld's add ons to that board. I also really like mats. But at $35.00 for a collapsible, flat, and durable surface, it's hard to turn down. I may just have to get the one additional set that's still left.

I'll put up pictures shortly with full terrain and armies.

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  1. This is perfect for something like a fat mat, to provide additional padding, or a flat surface (to take out the bump between two folding tables). Really nice find!