My Unoriginal Big Idea


Wow! It's been almost THREE years since my last published post. And that should tell you how much time I've had for the hobby since COVID. I've had little to post for several reasons. First, I started an Instagram account for my hobby stuff, but even that has seen very little activity...maybe 20 posts since I created it. The truth is that I was a little put off by 9th. I also help to moderate a very large competitive 40k Facebook group, and while I do not participate directly very often, the tone of everything these days has been a little bit of a motivation leech. I'm sure many of you are the same.

But I am re-energized! My day job has chilled out a little with some personnel changes, so my work/life balance has stabilized again. And new Kill Team! A complete revamp, and the only thing that is really blatantly stupid is the replacement of units of measure using completely unintuitive shapes instead of Arabic numerals that, oh, ALMOST EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD USES. I can't even really see a sane marketing angle to it.

But forget that. With the new KT 2021 rules, it's actually realistically feasible to collect, build, convert and paint every single possible unit in the Compendium. And that's exactly what I'm starting, and I'd like you to start with me.

Now the good news is for most of you who would actually be reading this, you probably already have at least a few units of almost every faction out there. We all have shelves and piles of shame, and I'm pretty confident that you will find a few usable and playable fire teams within your trove of gray sprues. I mean, who doesn't have a couple dozen bloodletters or Cadians sitting around half-painted?

I'm working on a very simple spreadsheet to keep track of what I am doing, and I will share it in my next post. 

I still prefer 40k, but I'm also a completist, and I can't even tenably collect all the codices let alone even all the units for ONE army. So KT2021 will scratch that itch for me.

Hashtags and all that to come.

Oh, and did I mention that there is a time component? And swag? Stay tuned, and thank you for rediscovering this site.

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