iCodex...Codex Space Marines in the iTunes Store

I have to admit, I am surprised that GW actually got motivated enough to put out a digital codex.

YouTube preview

And they did it the right way. This isn't a PDF of the printed codex. It's enhanced to 320-something pages, and it adheres to the iOS UI conventions. Individual shots of each codex chapter, updated ruleset, etc.

So think about the possibilities here. FAQs that automatically update the codex. Errata. Consistency across the board. All the things that make digital preferable.

And then the haters arrived. Of the 30 or so comments (as of this writing) on GW's Facebook post about this release, most of the comments were negative because it wasn't also offered to Android users. Seriously? The iBooks version is out for a few hours, and people are bitching?

As I said, I am pretty impressed that GW did this before the end of the iPad's lifecycle. Let's face it, they play it pretty conservative when it comes to changes. So instead of complaining, just this one time, can we try to encourage GW to keep going with this line of thought? Please?


  1. I see your point, and even my self complained that it is limited to ipad only, since by consumer choice in my house only droid devices exists, then I'm a costumer less, then and I think I have a valid point here is the fact that doing that with a fifth edition codex when 6th edition is coming so near how much utility will I have from it. it is thru that it includes the errata and flyers but it is enough to let it survive until the following codex that I guess is already in the pipeline for 6th, what do you think because those are not the only points of concern until the product maturates a bit more.

  2. Those are good points. I'm not speaking directly for GW, but the concept of making this codex into what basically amounts to an app leads me to hope that it will be regularly updated if needed. It would vertainly make it much easier for GW to add models and correct rulesets. Early adopters always get the shaft in one way or another, but then again, that's sort of the point of being on the bleeding edge.