6th Edition: Let's start this era off right!

Tasty wrote this great article back in April. Please definitely go read it, but i will quote a tiny section here:
Since the explosion of blogs a 40k Internet punditocracy has  become entrenched and worse they feel entitled. With that sense of entitlement the punditocracy will do their darnedest to stay relevant because the alternative means actual real human interaction....

So how do you avoid the influence of a tiny circle with in an even smaller circle?
Do something remarkable: play the game and decide for yourself.
Kind of interesting, no? One of the most prolific bloggers on the 40k scene is calling for calm and moderation.

I returned to 40k recently enough to miss any hubbub about the transition from 4th to 5th. The first Net controversy I was aware of was the uproar about the Tyranids codex and the nerfing of the Nidzilla List. From that point, I've read, with ever-decreasing enthusiasm, raging debates about FAQ-buffing, FAQ nerfing, Finecast, counterfeiting, IG/BA/SW/GK/DE dominance (although the BA talks were short-lived), SoB suckitude, and Summer of Flyers.

I love lively debates as much as any neckbeard, but very few (or none) of these arguments produced even the hint of a possible consensus. I have yet to see anyone swayed by another's opinion...in fact, it's pretty evident that many people respond in a knee jerk fashion to ANYTHING that has a keyword in it that triggers their emotions.

So here is the issue, right? A new edition of the core rules is popping on the 23rd. People are going to go completely gaga over it. The meta is dead, long live the meta. And you are going to want to scour every blog and forum on the Net for stuff about 6th. And there will be major league bloggers who will dive into it feet first and almost immediately offer up lists, strategies, tactics, and loopholes. Fluff, WAAC, and everything in between will be evident in that last week of June.

And I am going to avoid it as long as I can. Look, it's not like you can't find all those first-week posts in July. But there is a real danger (written much more eloquently by Tasty) that reading these opinions - premature opinions - will color your perception of the new rule set, and that cheats you more than GW or the meta.

So get the book, look at the pretty new pictures, play 2 or 24 games with the new ruleset with as many armies as you can get your hands on BEFORE reading the opinions of BOW, Warseer,  BoLS or Dakka. You have some decent grey matter between your ears; it deserves to enjoy the new BRB without the taint of Chaos or the bitter taste of bloggers.

Who's with me?

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  1. I honestly can't wait - new edition means new minis! I don't play that much(I am not a subtle player as I found when switching from Dark Angels to Dark Eldar and then updating my Necrons),but I love the hobby side of 40K! I am also looking forward to some kind of movement in the fluff side of things too - okay I'm a bit nervous about the new fluff if I'm being completely honest...