Conversion: Grot Flier

Roald Dahl! I've never even heard of this.
25-28mm scale is a funny thing, especially 28mm Heroic. It totally makes sense in terms of being compact enough for gaming but large enough to have some detail in the miniatures. But still, it becomes problematic when trying to adapt materials and models from other manufacturers that were not intended for gaming let alone this scale.


Review: Eccentric Miniatures Base Conversion

Adaptors are always nice.
Just a quick one today for the new year. I'm going to try to get through my backlog of posts that I meant to write, so we're going to go from no posts to a post every two days or so for a while. For the 3 of you who are actually still following this blog (hi Mom! Just kidding, even my mom won't follow this), brace yourselves.

So today we have a nifty little kit from Eccentric Miniatures. Or, more specifically, 


Baal Pattern Chainsword...IRL!!!

image by Bokisok

A very popular YouTube channel called Man at Arms acquiesced to numerous requests and built a real-life chainsword! No further description is necessary. Just watch.


40k Kill Team unboxing and comments

When my wife saw me making this, she remarked "How is it we are married?"
In the five years or so that I've actively returned to the miniatures wargaming hobby, I never thought I would see this day. Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, my favorite flavor of 40k was Kill Team, a set of rules that GW's specialist games put out for squad-level skirmishes. With a tiny number of models per side, there was no need to play with unpainted figures (a personal pet peeve of mine). You can still find the old rules and fan-updated rulesets all over the Internet, and they've done an admirable job keeping the flame alive. The Heralds of Ruin


Budgethammer: Cheap but great battle board

The obligatory montage. Please ignore the outdated recording studio in the back. I've switched to almost all software instruments.
For those of you in the U.S., the Sports Authority chain is going out of business. There are actually some


Incredible Tattoo Tutorial

Photo: GCT Studios
Look at this amazingly painted miniature. Holy cow.The tattoo work is otherworldly considering the size of this figure. I have no idea how it was done, which is strange because


DIY Budget Mat/Board

It's me, back from the dead! Two months without posting. Work, family, blah blah. Also, I went into shell shock after Adepticon.

And now, there's a new version of Warmahordes coming in a few weeks, I've started a Frostgrave warband, I got excited by and then completely disillusioned by Dicemasters, I bought, opened, and then put away


(I went crazy) Auctions and Adepticon

One of my favorite FLGSes is actually 1.5 hours from my house. Games Plus is located in a quiet suburb of Chicago, and it's been around for close to 40 years. I went there when I was a high school freshman, when the shelves were lined with Avalon Hill, Steve Jackson, and Ral Partha. It still has the most diverse inventory of any game store I have visited in my life. Of course, there are the complete lines of GW, Corvus Belli, Wyrd, PP, Flames of War, FFG, etc. There's also all the older and obscure stuff like Microarmor, Star Fleet Battles, many flavors of historicals, and every RPG and board game I've heard of.

Twice a year, they hold a three day auction. They've been doing it for decades. I had missed every one of them until this year. Sunday was the miniatures auction (RPGs and board games are on different days), and with my 11 year old daughter in tow, we waded into the fray.


UPDATE: Not so incredible deal

Soooo close!!
So a 6 weeks ago or so, I posted what should have been the deal of the century: 4 W&N brushes in modeler's sizes for under $20.00. While I was hardly the first to notice this deal, that post was widely shared on Facebook thanks to the incredibly generous blog networks of Faeit and House of Paincakes. But now, there's been a snag.


TL;DR I surrender

So. Tired. Can't. Even.

I was going to title this post "I give up", but that has really negative connotations, and this is not necessarily a negative communication. But I have finally, without a doubt, surrendered to the torrent of ever-changing rules from GW this year.


Warhammer 40k goes back to the mainstream.

If you've been online today and surfing 40k sites, I'm sure you've seen the breaking news: GW is going start selling model kits as, well, model kits. It's actually a pretty smart move on their



EDIT: Not sure if you have to be a Prime member. Please comment if you get the deal (plus shipping) if you are not Prime. Thanks! Also, if you successfully purchase, be aware that they don't ship until March.
I have no idea whether this is an error on amazon's part, but these brushes are normally over $70.00US. But for the past two days they


Some love (?) for Sigmar

Jake over at Ex Profundis wrote an interesting article over the summer about Age of Sigmar and its implications, but today was my first time seeing it.


Organizing your work area, pro-level

Are these enough Skavven for AoS?
Happy New Year, everyone! ZeroNyne here. Yes, I've been pretty much off this blog for about 9 months. Real life is hectic, and as is natural sometimes, the blog started to fall away. But no longer will this site be neglected! The goal is two posts (or more) per week. Since I don't really consider relinking or sharing someone else's blog as a post, I'll have my work cut out for me in the new year.

So, have you made any resolutions? I have.


Adepticon 2015: Photostream

Craftworld Burgundy 
Well, another Adepticon has come and gone. Each year, it gets harder and harder to carve out the time, but this one was special. I attended Thursday and Friday. I will have separate reviews of the some of the games I played, but for now,


Harlequin Solitaire On Deck!

Up to 7D6" movement ignoring all terrain with ten attacks? Wow.

I am really looking forward to


Corsec Magnet Applicator

Once in a while, I will stumble across a product that solves a minor chronic problem so elegantly that I can't figure out why I hadn't looked for it before. These are not wholly innovative gadgets; rather, they are things that have existed, but I just had no idea since it didn't fall within my tiny sphere of attention. I want to show you one of these products.


REVIEW: Novus Design Studio Buildings

Like Nagash, I'm returning this week after a long (six month) absence. Hello, readers, sorry for abandoning you. I'll have a separate post for why I've been out of the blogosphere, but today, let's talk about buildings. Particularly, buildings from a little known vendor Novus Design Studios.

Interesting packaging


Batch Painted (Speed Painted) Plaguebearers

I'm on a roll these days getting back into the painting groove. I think it's because Daemons are so different from power armor and Nids. The multicolor scheme that I chose for Nurgle is not as cartoony as I thought, and I like the idea of allying CSM and Daemons...very fluffy.

So I had the presence of mind to document the batch painting of my plaguebearers. As usual, they aren't going to win a slayer sword, but they are definitely at least TT quality. Click any photo to enlarge.


Speed Painting Nurglings (+ a little ranting)

So much has happened in the last few weeks in terms of 40k, but the biggest personal impact has been the advent of Games Workshop's new codex release schedule and its digital/print disconnect. I am loose with WYSIWYG when it comes to an opponent. I'm not "THAT GUY" when it comes to playing against people with unpainted models. But I am a completist when it comes to core rules. I like to have all the rules handy.