DIY Budget Mat/Board

It's me, back from the dead! Two months without posting. Work, family, blah blah. Also, I went into shell shock after Adepticon.

And now, there's a new version of Warmahordes coming in a few weeks, I've started a Frostgrave warband, I got excited by and then completely disillusioned by Dicemasters, I bought, opened, and then put away Infinity: Operation Ice Storm (the models look intimidatingly small and detailed). I'm feeling a little loose. I haven't painted in a month, but summer is coming, and with that brings a bit of flexibility in schedule.

But today's post isn't about that.

I was in a Dollar Store last week., and I happened to see these:

This may be the worst picture of anything ever. Sorry.
This is a mat that is functionally similar to the fake grass mats that one put's into a reptile cage (but being from a dollar store, I wouldn't trust it around animals). The thing that really caught my eye were the dimensions. 16" x 24" means that if I placed them in a 3 x 3  grid, I'd have a 4' x 6" battle board. I laid them out like this:

Now, I guess you could just tape them together, and you would have a janky $9.00 battlemat. But I'm thinking of gluing each one to a 24" x 16" piece of wood. I don't mind the plain look of this grass; I have plenty of terrain to go on it, and this would just be for AoS and KoW. The boards would stack nicely. I'll post the results shortly.

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