Completely Overwhelmed

This is a graphic representation of my To Do list.

One of the great things about getting back into 40k when one is old is that you don't have to wait for your allowance or get permission to buy more crap. One of the worst things, however, is that just because you can buy stuff, it doesn't mean that you will have any time to do anything with it.I'm not complaining per se; I absolutely love watching my kids play soccer and tennis, and the countless pro bono work for their school and my wife's social experiments are often (not always, but often) personally rewarding.

But at some point, you will look at your boxes of models and think "Why do I even have this stuff if I can't use it?" If you have more $200.00 of sealed GW boxes, you should have let your money sit in your bank account unless the boxes or blisters are out of print. But I completely understand; there's just something awesome about looking at stacks and stacks of Battleforces and blisters, and it's easy to ignore that fact that it will literally take you years to finish painting them.

Take, for example, the beginnings of my Inquisitorial Warband:
FR: Mantic Corporation Ranger (counts as Warrior Acolyte), Jokaero Weaponsmith, Crusader
BR: Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, ???, Canoness
I've been looking at these half-painted models for months. They taunt me on the table as I feverishly attempt to finish another 5 Death Company dudes...SO much fiddly detail!

You see, I have an entire Grey Knight Army in boxes, ready to go. I was not insane when I procured them. Many were the result of trades, limited sales, and great deals. But the thought of that much Boltgun in my airbrush makes me shudder, and it also makes me procrastinate. Enter this warband. There's a lot more to this group (and I'm trying to figure out what to do with the canoness) than you see here, but it's a good representation of my inability to finish anything.

But there is positive news to report! I feel completely rejuvenated at the thought of a new CSM codex! They were my first army when I was in my teens, and the Legions are still my favorite.

But I'm not buying anything more until I finish the rest of my Blood Angels and GK army. I also have a thousand points of unpainted Deathwing, 4000 pts of 'nids, and a smattering of CSM, but those can all wait.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Yeah, I hear you. I finally decided to scrub all my dudes again in purple stuff and start all over. It hasn't happened yet.