This is not a Post Adepticon report...

I meant to send this out last night, but as you may have guessed, I passed out and only dreamt that I submitted it.

So it's the wee hours of Monday morning. I have to be on the train for work in less than 6 hours. Adepticon has packed up and left town, and I'm still a little shell shocked even though i did not attend on Sunday. Instead of trying to get some shuteye, I'm working on a school project for my 10 year old. Who the hell asks a 4th grader to build a SCALE model of a General Store? I almost wept with relief when I found out that I don't have to expose the interior.

So you'll have to wait for a show review later in the week. But I do have something indulgent to talk about...my weekend haul!

Around February, I stop buying anything related to 40k. Most retailers at Adepticon sell GW products at a 20% discount and have no tax. That's a pretty good deal, so I try to hoard my Shekels for the big weekend. The one downside of buying at Adepticon is that a lot of the LGS vendors have very limited quantities of things for sale.  I found that out last year when I hesitated buying GK boxes and went home with NONE.

So what did I get? Let's see...
2 Terv/Tyrannofex boxes, Dreadknight box, GK Terminator box, Box of 10 Mantic Corporation Rangers (counts as Stormtroopers...Cadians are simply too large, IMO)

Forgeworld dreadnought close combat arm, Forgeworld etched brass, Inquisition. those are awesome. I can see myself getting addicted to brass. And the arm is the last one I need for my Blood Angels. If you recall, I managed to get all three types of BA dread from one Furiosos box and two AOBR dreads.

4 Armorcast movement trays (2 pictured). Those little acrylic Nid markers were from the show also, but I'm preparing something about them separately. Suffice it to say, they are awesome.

2 sets of these Imperial strongpoint barricades



And hidden deep in a bitz bin, A techmarine! $1.00!

Oh! I got the new Black Library book, "The Primarchs". The writing is so-so, but it gave me a lot of insight into Post Heresy Emperor's Children. Come on, 6th Edition! Hurry!

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