WIP: Emperors Children / Flawless Host Sonic Dreadnought

A little over two years ago, I posted about my very first conversion project. I took an AoBR dread and made it Chaos-ish. You can see my initial efforts here and here. Almost immediately after those posts, I realized how bad the CSM codex was/is, so I shelved this dread, using it for test painting gesso, sashes, foundations, etc. I eventually stuck it on a shelf.
Hey, what do you expect? I had barely gotten back into the hobby.
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So there it sat for two years. Then I started hearing rumors about a Legion codex this year, which got me very excited. I have enough models for separate Khorne, Nurgle and Slaanesh warbands of about 1500 pts each, ready to be painted. I just needed a dread for the Slaanesh army. I saw this awesome one on Forgeworld's site:
This baby has doom sirens and warp amplifiers, not to mention the sonic blaster that is his right arm. I then remembered my poorly converted dread on the shelf. Could I convert it to a Sonic Dread? 

I got my knife and carved away the front of the faceplate (the helmet and tabard are from the Chaos Terminator Lord kit) and gathered a few items from the bitz drawer. And here is the result. Keep im mind that sometime in the past year, I tested some colors on this guinea pig.

Click to Enlarge. Still to lazy to bring out the lightbox for WIP shots. :)
Wow, this made a big difference. My original conversion looks relatively misproportioned to me. The much larger head seems to "fit" this dreadnought and is more in line with the GW chaos dread. The body, arms and legs are from an AoBR dread. The banner pole is from the Chaos Terminator Lord. The spikes and "Sonic Blaster", are from a Chaos Rhino. The mask is a defiler's face protection, and the flowing below it is a tabard from the plastic Demon Prince. 
There is a small flag that will get mounted over the imperial skull.
The doom sirens are carefully cut from the possessed reactor vents that come in the plastic Demon Prince kit. They are a bit too organic for my taste, but converters can't be choosers. There's obviously a lot more cleanup to go, and then it heads for a bath in Simple Green.
OK, that's it for this weekend...in fact it's technically Monday! Peace.

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  1. A huge improvement over the first one. Very crafty use of the Demon Prince bits.

    I love Chaos Dreads and would easily run 3 if I played Chaos. What do you run the "sonic blaster" weapon as?