Dreadnought Conversion, Pt.2

The terminator parts worked well. Still needs more paint, wash, and sealing:

Wow, is this a difficult model to paint. I'm actually really impressed by the level of detail in this model. There are support cables and hydraulic systems in places that could not possibly be seen once the model is assembled. that's pretty cool for a model that comes with a starter kit.

Just to reiterate, the standard is the staff from a Chaos lord sorcerer, as is the helmet, cowling, and apron. The shoulder spikes are from a Chaos rhino kit. The tyranid skull is from a genestealer box (I think...it's an actual skull, not a conversion from a head...I'm not sure where it came from, actually).

 Since black is such a pain to paint well, I considered other factions than Black Legion, but I'm bound by my own closed-mindedness...they just don't look as evil as black.

Hopefully, I will be done soon. I'm falling behind schedule.

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