Dreadnought Conversion, Pt.1

I finally worked up the courage to start my Chaos dreadnought conversion. This is my first real conversion/kitbash.

I started with this AoBR dread. By the way, the reason I decided to do this conversion at all was simply that I hate the GW version. Believe me, I am no glutton for punishment, but this seemed doable. So I snagged this dreadnought off of ebay for 12 bucks. It's actually quite a detailed model. Below the dread, you will notice the head and cowl of a chaos sorcerer. These are left over from a Chaos terminator lord that is also a work in progress.

I added the cowl to the front with some grey stuff...it isn't the smoothest, but it will work. I also sanded off the name flag on the left shin plate. I also chopped and pinned the sorcerer's staff to create a standard...it looks pretty cool. At this point, I basecoated in Chaos Black to see what this would look like.

 So there was the matter of the purity seal on the right arm. I sanded it off, but   parchment ribbons drape over the canisters, neccesitating one trip to the bitz box for a genestealer skull. did some painting before continuing. I used Mechrite Red foundation paint on the skirt...those foundation paints are awesome, by the way.

Next steps: I need to figure out how to paint black correctly, since this is a Black Legion scheme.I also need to make the other arm a bit more Chaos. Also, the spikes you see in this pic will be placed on the shoulders, and the feet need to be addressed. Fun!

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