And the ACTUAL winner is...

I am a complete clown shoe. I set conditions for my giveaway contest, and then read from the wrong rules as I lamented people not reading the rules.

So may I present to you the winner of the contest: Faolain

Faolain submitted his Brother Claudio from Space Hulk.

From Faolain:
The Space Hulk figures are full of detail.  I picked Brother Claudio to paint first because of the three close combat guys, he looked the easiest.  I used contrasting colors on the claws to make them stand out, red armor versus green claws.  The freehand on the knee and pauldron was exceptionally difficult.

Congratulations to Faolain. Check out his blog, and stay tuned for another contest this week! Hopefully, this time there will be more contestants than prizes!


  1. That's a really lovely model....

    I wouldn't mind seeing that across the table from me....in the dead pile...after I've killed it...


  2. Is that before or after Mephiston jumps in (12" WTF) and proceeds to bash you with 6 S10 attacks at I7, with rerolls to hit and wound, not to mention his force-weapon? /sob

  3. Surprised you only had one entry. I was skeptical about the game at first but then was convinced by a very good online review.

    At least you got another new follower through Faolain - silver lining and all that.

    ps. Move up your followers box.

  4. just love it! the gemstones are great!!