Speed Painting Objective Markers

This weekend was very, very busy for my two young daughters, so consequently, it was very, very busy for me. This, combined with my Armory Primer debacle, left me no time to work on my Blood Angels, but I wanted to take advantage of my small bit of momentum somehow. I looked around my office and found a set of these:

They are objective markers made by Secret Weapon Miniatures in their "Alien Infestation" scheme. I found them six to a bag at a local game store. I don't see them being sold on the Secret Weapon site, but I will update this post if I find them there.

They are, in a word, beautiful. I thought they'd make a great set of objectives for my Nids, but I'd forgotten about them until this week. Since the time I purchased them, I've had a bit of philosophical redirection. For objective markers, I don't feel the need to make them too "realistic"...they need to be markers, for heaven's sake.

So here's where the speed painting comes in. I washed the pieces in warm soapy water, and then I sprayed them with Army Painter bone-color primer. Total time, 5 minutes.

Then for each of the three pairs, I washed them with Asurmen Blue, Leviathan Purple, and Thraka Green, respectively. Then, for each open-petaled pod, I based that area in Vallejo Squid Pink. Then, before the pink could dry, I dropped Baal Red wash in each pod. Total time, 10 minutes.

That's right, 15 minutes for all six of them. And how do they look? See for yourself. Click on any image to enlarge.

I really dig how these turned out. Do you?