And the Winner Is...

EDIT: I am a moron. Read the comments to find out why. But I am still surprised that there would only be one entry...

OK, so I'm a bit incredulous at the lack of responses to the contest, but hey, I tried, right? I was giving away two copies of Death Angel: Space Hulk by Fantasy Flight Games, including shipping. All you had to do to enter the contest was to follow this blog, send a picture of a single Blood Angel or successor Troop miniature, and a brief note stating how you painted it. That was it.

I got a total of ONE entry, and that one's picture was a TERMINATOR!

Sigh. I guess the card game was not so desirable. Stay tuned for something different.


  1. I would have entered - but I don't paint my marines in the right colour schemes!

  2. I'm sorry, I have been side tracked. That game is totally awesome and exceptionally fun. I already own it or I'd totally hound you. Do you want a plug on some bigger venues?

  3. Sorry man. The only Space Marines I have left are Mantis Terminators. I'd love the game, but nothing to enter!

    I did follow you anyway! That's the upside...right?

  4. You said it could be a Terminator.

    "2. Take a picture of your best single Blood Angel (power armor or terminator) troop, elite, or devastator miniature."

    So that's what I sent you :P

  5. :-) Yeah, got sidetracked by real life... But then my Fleshtearers aren't very well painted...

  6. Faolain! You are right! I was looking at a draft of my rules! You WIN!

    I'll send you an email shortly.

  7. Hoorah for Faolain !!1

    Better paint me up a BA :)