WIP: The Furious Three

I wanted to continue posting about trying to get three Blood Angel Dreadnought variants from one Blood Angel Dreadnought box and two AoBR Dreads. The first part of this WIP is here.

I couldn't find the memory card for my Rebel this evening, so I used one of my kids' digital cameras. I had it set all wrong, and only one picture came out to the point that one could tell what one was looking at. Here it is:
The regular Furioso front plate has been added, and it fits as well as could be expected. In fact, it worked so well that I decided to hack up a second one to use the librarian faceplate as well.

EDIT: OK, I had second thoughts, and I went digging again for the memory card and found it.

So the "regular" Furioso came together nicely, and my poor dexterity with green stuff was not really evident, except for the circled part. The Dremel melted the polystyrene and created this little lip. The good news is that it's very very thin, so once it completely sets, I will just remove it with a knife.

A few spots...
needed gap filling...
here and there.

So here's another interesting thing. This is a piece that comes with the Furioso set. It's the top plate if you decide to forgo the magna grapple:
The problem is that on an AoBR dread, this piece is part of the front faceplate. So even if you had an extra one (or two) of these, it wouldn't really help in terms of money and of effort. So I took up the Dremel and grabbed the half melted faceplate of the dread that cannibalized for this project:

And I simply cut out the highlighted part. It fit quite well:

I HIGHLY recommend gluing the faceplate in place before adding the top plate. It's a bear to install after the fact.

Pretty decent, huh?

OK, I'll have more shortly after the green stuff dries.

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