Well, I got 'em. 3/32" magnets X 100. Overpriced, but local (support your FLGS!). If you notice, the package has a bunch of suggested uses, which is lovely. My personal list is a little more specific:

1. Death Company Backpacks
I am going to always double book my Death Company, so jump packs and regular backpacks are the name of the game. I have an idea about the jump packs that I have yet to see in a tutorial, so if it works, I will carefully document a step-by-step.

2. Dreadnought Arms
Of course, my Dreads are going to have to have varied arms...it seems like that was why magnets were invented in the first place.

3. Predator/Rhino
I saw a simple tutorial for this, so this will also be on the menu along with swappable doors on the Stormraven.

4. Hormagaunt Transport
Hormagaunts have so many sharp parts that they get impossibly snagged in foam. I saw a fairly elegant solution with a metal toolbox and magnetized bases.

First up: Death Company. And away we go...

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