Working Furiouso-ly

So when I finally decided I was going to go Blood Angels as my first SM army, I picked up a Death Company box, a box of Assault Marines, a Storm Raven, and the BA Dreadnought box.

I took a good look at the two sprues inside the Dread box, and I had an idea. With minimal additional financial outlay, I could make all three Dreadnought variants - the Furioso, the Death Company Dread, and the Librarian. All I needed, I thought was the kit, two AoBR Dreads and possibly two extra CC arms. It's that last bit that I'm still scratching my head over, but I'm not known as someone who will let details derail a project, so I go right to it. So first, I took an AoBR Dread:
and I took a Dremel to it with a cutting (sandpaper) circle. Of course, it melted the polystyrene every chance it got, but I ended up with:

which, believe it or not, served as the perfect frame for the Furioso front plate!
Not bad...just needs a lttle filing and gap-filling on the sides.

Stay tuned...

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