WIP: Angels Sanguine

I managed to get a little better with the Micron pen for halving. Actually, I've managed to get braver or more confident rather than better, but at any rate, I have a full tac squad almost ready, with 4 of them done enough to photograph (click to enlarge):

Sorry about the tight depth of field...the guy on the right is the least finished of the 4 anyway. As usual, a macro lens just accentuates all the flaws, but i am pretty happy with this one -er-these four.

As I mentioned, I have 4 more just about ready. The other two, well, I have a small problem.
These are AoBR marines, so the sergeant has an exposed head, and he's basically a two piece model, so there's very little in the way of head swap options. The problem is that, according to the fluff, the Angels Sanguine never take their helmets off because of some horrible secret. So the sergeant, and captain, for that matter, are both very unfluffy for the Angels Sanguine. I'll have to think about this...

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