Vampires in Space!!!

OK, so if you've been following along on this blog, you know that I've pretty much completed a Tyranid army. I did so without really thinking about how competitive it was, since I had restarted from scratch. I just liked the models. Then the new Codex hit and people were underwhelmed.

I then bought a sizable Chaos Space Marine force, which in retrospect is a pretty disparate and unfluffy set of choices, and started painting them. I didn't realize that no one liked the codex...I just assumed it was the evil version of Space Marines.

So now that I decided to do a power armor army (try saying that 10 times fast), I saw it as my opportunity to choose a codex and build that was at least competitive in terms of Mathhammer and Internet foolishness. Since I can't stand the viking aesthetic, I was limited to SM or BA. So I've decided on Blood Angels. I'm not really wild about painting more red, but compared to the number of gaunts I've painted, this should be nothing.

Instead of making things easy, I thought I would do a quick test to see if I could paint the Angels Sanguine scheme:

While I was at it, i thought to do a quick test of the normal Blood Angels scheme of all red. I looked up Les Bursley's tutorial on Angels Sanguine and got to work. I know people have mixed feelings about Les, but he is the only person doing tutorials that actually seem geared towards the person who is trying to learn.

At any rate, this is what I ended up with. Click for bigger pics:

The halving scheme was surprisingly easy with Les' method of using a Micron pen to draw the hard border. It only added a few minutes to do it. I think that's the scheme I'm going to go for.

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