Progress, slow and steady.

With the advantages of learning from my mistakes while painting my Nids, I proceeded to gingerly dip my toe into both Orks and Chaos Space Marines.

When I got back into 40k last year, I really tried to avoid Orks. I thought they were too comical and brought down the gravity that the game deserved, after reading through the fluff and some Black Library novels, I've had a change of heart.

This AoBR boy is undergoing a skin test. That is not striaght green on the skin. It's Sunburst Yellow followed by a heavy wash of Thrakka Green. It's a little bright, so I may go over it again with Devlan Mud. The AoBR models are surprisingly detailed, and I look forward to painting more of them.

Noise Marine (WIP)
I'm doing my Noise Marines as Patchouli-smelling ne'er do wells, so the tie dye scheme seems to work. Obviously, I still need to trim with black, and the other shoulder pad is black and gold a la Black Legion.

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