Beasts of War and being P.C.

I really like the Beasts of War guys. I truly do. I think they take their video making seriously, and I appreciate that. The information is often useful, and they are very detailed.

But I've been noticing an odd trend for them: they're getting a little cavalier with their mild slurs.


In the above video, Darrel first says that American zombies would be overweight, and then he states that running away is what America is good at. Now, I know that there's a lot worse stuff out there, and I'm sure it was tongue in cheek (or not...it's not important). But what upsets me about it is that it's so unnecessary. Obviously, BoW is trying to grow as an entity, and professionalism is a part of that. Provoking a major part of the fan base is a poor strategy.

Again, I am not so sensitive that the implications and slurs bother me, but it concerns me only because I think when they mock Americans, it reinforces negative feelings in many categories. Totally unnecessary.

FOLLOW UP: They sort of laughed it off and blamed uptight people for having a reaction. Whatever.

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