Finally got going again

Last night, I completed the Venomthrope except for the basing. This was a huge step forward as it had been sitting at my desk for quite a while. It's certainly not my best work, but I truly feel like I'm nearing the finish line with the 'Nids. I don't want to sound like it was torture...I definitely had a clear idea of the scope once I hit my first roadblock months ago. So right now, on the bench are:

- 4 Zoanthropes, primed white
- 1 Obliterator, primed white
- 1 Obliterator, completely unassembled
- 1 AoBR set unopened
- 9 Gargoyles awaiting black detailing, basing and dipping
- 10 Termagants (the cheap ones, 5 for $8.25) awaiting basing, detailing and dipping

I am itching to get started on my CSMs, but I'm also full of anxiety. I basically want a Black Legion equivalent but in my own scheme and mixing oblits, berzerkers, and noise marines. I know that it's OK to do that anyway, but I feel like a cut my teeth on the Tyranids, and it's time to strive for the step above tabletop quality for the renegades.

Any suggestions? I am so sick of painting red, but I may go for tie dye marines. lots of wet blending and chromatic colors. I will start with the Noise Marines, since they should look like that anyway.

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