Wall of Bones

I was at Games Plus on Valentine's Day (I'm not THAT much of a geek...the wife and I went for sushi earlier), and I happened to pick up two pairs of these:

Can't see the catalog picture well? Here:
2 pairs of bone walls with my AoBR converted Chaos Dreadnought for scale. Armorcast used to do a ton of stuff for Games Workshop, and these terrain pieces maintain the same sort of aesthetic as the GW stuff...kind of chunky.

They are beige resin with remarkably little flashing to cut away. Nevertheless, I wore a breathing mask when I did the tiny bit of filing. A quick bath in a mild detergent to clean the release agent, I was ready to paint.

It's still below freezing here, so I started with a heavily watered down gesso that was mixed with cheap black acrylic to make a dark grey primer. After drying, I dry brushed with even cheaper white acrylic. Then a heavy coat of Badab Black wash. After that mess dried, I dry brushed again with Bleached Bone followed by a light wash of Devlan Mud. Total elapseed time including drying: 2 hrs. The little details like the purple intestine took no time at all.

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  1. This is killer! Those walls fit perfectly with your army.