Lots of progress

A lot going on in my little hivefleet in the past 10 days. I've dabbled back into music, which I said i wouldn't do until I finished this, but it was unavoidable. Therefore, my time to paint has been slightly reduced.

16 hormagaunts on the assembly line. I actually nodded off a couple times while trying to basecoat these and ended up painting my jeans, my hand, and a bit of my glasses.

Trygon prime is nearly basecoated. I was skeptical about Foundation paints, but they do make a difference. I didn't check if they have a Bleached Bone equivalent in Foundation, but it would be worth checking...this is taking forever!

Speaking of paint, I wanted to show you something. I did  a little test on this gruesome Noise Marine. I tried one of those craft store pink paints in hopes that it would be acceptable, since I don't foresee using pink again after this squad. But after 4 watered-down coats on the legs, it's a no. I've used the crafty black and white with success, but there just isn't enough pigment in the pink. On the other hand, the GW purple I used on the chest as a test went on in two coast. TMMV.

Although I'm not close to starting on my CSMs, I messed around with this Khorne lord and Chaos Termie Lord. Just practicing various techniques. I will soon strip them and start over. Notice the Imperial Fist helmet impaled on his shoulder.  :)

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  1. Get some sleep Sam!

    The nids are looking great. Is this the last group you have to finish?

    Why would you trip those chaos dudes? They look great!