Warriors done, and...It Lives!

I finished the warriors, but I have a major dipping flaw on one of them, so that may have to be redone. It's on the underside of the model, though, so I may just say "whatever"/

I thought I had gotten all of the excess MinWax off of the model before I set it down, but it ended up pooling a bit under the tail...just enough to look unrealistically goopy. Like I said, it's only really noticeable if you specifically look for it, so it's definitely low priority.

On a side note, I also took the opportunity to finish my last two metal gargoyles. I did a REALLY bad job on them, but I don't even care. I only have 4 of them anyway, and I'd only use them with the plastic brood.
And building has commenced on the Trygon Prime, which I don't see as that much better than a regular Trygon. I was going to magnetize it, but there's only one head...hmmm...maybe I'd magnetize it anyway and search for extra heads.

It lives!

I'm also dipping a toe into my huge number of CSMs...I'm currently about 50% through a Khorne Lord and a Chaos Terminator Lord. I'm trying not to think about them too much, or I'll feel guilty for not getting the rest of the gaunts and this trygon out first.

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  1. Live for the swarm...

    The army is looking good. Once you get through the rest of your to do's you should do a family picture ;)