Organizing your work area, pro-level

Are these enough Skavven for AoS?
Happy New Year, everyone! ZeroNyne here. Yes, I've been pretty much off this blog for about 9 months. Real life is hectic, and as is natural sometimes, the blog started to fall away. But no longer will this site be neglected! The goal is two posts (or more) per week. Since I don't really consider relinking or sharing someone else's blog as a post, I'll have my work cut out for me in the new year.

So, have you made any resolutions? I have.
But most of them are very personal or have to do with my other love, music. In terms of miniature wargaming, I have two resolutions. First is to paint 365 points of Warmahordes this year. This is in conjunction with a Facebook group...let me know if you want to join. They actually raffle off prizes for people who stay on track, so you may be interested.

I also have a resolution to reorganize my work space. I worked on it last week, and I will show pictures soon. Maintaining it will be the challenge. These quarterly "spring-cleanings" are getting to be a drag.

Speaking of which, have you seen this video that's gone viral? 

It's an amazing little cabinet, and I'm sure you could see some conversion opportunities with this thing to make it more miniatures-friendly. Also, the way it's spec'ed out, it would cost roughly $1500.00 (if you could actually get one...they are sold out of their production run). It might seem steep, but the intended customer for something like this would have it in a highly visible area, so aesthetics are a major concern. I personally think that it's worth every penny for the application for which it is designed. I was hoping for a metal option with more of a toolbox look and feel, and what do you know:

The Metal Workbox!
It's also only $800.00! Now, I know that's still out of the reach of a lot of people, but Forgeworld has terrain that costs more than that, and frankly, which one would you use every day?

I wish this story ended with me ordering one of these, but alas, I already kludged a solution from things I already had. Again, I will post about it later this week once it's suitable for photography.

It's good to be back. And seriously, contact me if you want to join the point-a-day Warmachine/Hordes painting challenge. Also, please comment if you know of other group motivation challenges!  


  1. I always find reading new year's resolutions interesting. Sometimes the bar is set to high or to low or just knocked off somewhere down the road. Making a painting resolution is tough for me as it seems painting seems to be in line with game playing. One thing I want to do this year is fully assemble every miniature I have roaming around no matter what it is and even if it needs magnets. This isn't to tough for me and I might lift the extreme purchase hold I placed awhile back.

    As a fellow Tyranid player I wonder what the new year rumors will bring the hive mind.

    1. We've been getting the short end of the stick in the meta for the past few years despite all the supplements and box sets. I'm hopeful as well!