Speed Painting Nurglings (+ a little ranting)

So much has happened in the last few weeks in terms of 40k, but the biggest personal impact has been the advent of Games Workshop's new codex release schedule and its digital/print disconnect. I am loose with WYSIWYG when it comes to an opponent. I'm not "THAT GUY" when it comes to playing against people with unpainted models. But I am a completist when it comes to core rules. I like to have all the rules handy.
Now in the past, it required having all of the codices, the BRB, a few FAQ printouts, and a few White Dwarf issues. Even with Planetstrike and the Apocalypse books, it was a finite, albeit expensive, goal to own a complete current set of rules.

But now? I need an eReader as well? OK, I can see that. It would be nice to have auto-updating codex and rule set. It would be nice to index and compare rules and stats. I get it. But we are in an uncomfortable time where not everything has been brought in to the digital fold, nor is everything available in print. This makes me very uneasy about this game's future, and it just simply bothers me. I don't mind throwing money at GW, but not for duplicate product.


I decided not to worry about it since I rarely game in the winter (my job has a heavy holiday schedule, and it's too cold and treacherous to go to a FLGS regularly in the snowbound months). Instead, I speed painted this bunch of thugs this week:

I love these guys.
Just click on the image to enlarge it.

I need to do a bit of cleanup, but I'm pretty happy with how they came out. So, in my normal speed painting format:

  • Prime Black
  • Basecoat spray Army Painter Skeleton Bone (spray from directly overhead to create base highlights).
  • Individual washes of GW Baal Red, GW Thrakka Green, GW Agrax Earthshade (yes, I finally ran out of Devlan Mud) and GW Leviathan Purple
  • Horns painted black.
  • Tongues and guts painted in Vallejo Squid Pink.
  • Tongues and guts washed in GW Baal Red or GW Leviathan Purple.
  • Super-diluted (10:1) final wash with GW Badab Black.
Total elapsed time excluding drying and assembly: 3 hours. That's a little more than I like to define as "speed painting", but there are a lot of fiddly individuals with lots of overlap in these units.

The final wash is to just tie it all together. I have some broken columns from Secret Weapon, so I used that and all the other little left over nurglings to make the 4th base (the one in the back). I was trying to create various representative ailments, ie red for swelling and rashes, green for infection, purple for bruising, off-white for pus, etc, but everything came out a little oversaturated and a little cartoony, which I think is OK for Nurgle.

I don't have the Daemon codex, so I don't know if 4 is a viable unit number or even if nurglings are viable at all in 6th Edition. Tasty Taste has a decent overview of Nurglings in Sixth Edition.
I would love to see an Apocalypse game with nothing but grots, scarabs, nurglings, and rippers.

Comments welcomed, and I would love to see your nurglings.


  1. those look fantastic - great job!

  2. Cannot argue with results. Bit addicted to speed painting myself currently and appreciate the tips!

  3. thx for the info!Painting mine right now