Batch Painted (Speed Painted) Plaguebearers

I'm on a roll these days getting back into the painting groove. I think it's because Daemons are so different from power armor and Nids. The multicolor scheme that I chose for Nurgle is not as cartoony as I thought, and I like the idea of allying CSM and Daemons...very fluffy.

So I had the presence of mind to document the batch painting of my plaguebearers. As usual, they aren't going to win a slayer sword, but they are definitely at least TT quality. Click any photo to enlarge.

Step 1: Assembly

These guys were fairly simple to cut off their sprues, but they did leave some sprue bits in unfortunate areas that are hard to file, but overall, they are great.  
Elapsed time: 90 minutes

 Step 2: Priming

I used Army Painter Skeleton Bone spray primer. Priming in the Chicago area during winter, especially this winter, is a challenge. Luckily, I have a weird stairwell that leads from my garage to the basement, and that alcove is unfinished concrete. Unfortunately, it's also about 10 degrees F (-12 Celsius). My procedure is to get the models ready on a piece of cardboard, rush out there, spray one side, and run back inside. Once that side is dry, I flip all the models over and repeat the process.
Elapsed time (not including drying): 10 minutes

Step 3: Color Blocking - Black

Painted all the swords and horns with GW Chaos Black.
Elapsed time (not including drying): 20 minutes

 Step 4: First Wash

Just like with my nurglings, I washed the plaguebearers in a variety of GW colors: Agrax Earthshade, Thrakka Green, Leviathan Purple, Asurmen Blue, and Gryphonne Sepia.
Elapsed time (not including drying): 30 minutes

Step 5: Color Block - Pink

I quickly painted in all the weeping sores and spilled guts with Vallejo Game Color Squid Pink. I'm not too concerned at this point about full coverage in the intestinal cavities. They are already covered with primer and wash, and they have a ways to go.
Elapsed time (not including drying): 40 minutes

Step 6: Second Wash

Everything gets another once-over with Agrax Earthshade to mute the pink.
Elapsed Time (not including drying): 30 minutes.

Step 7: Eyes

I use a Micron .2 mm pen for the eyes. It puts a nice gloss on the eye.
Elapsed Time: 5 minutes.

Step 8: Detailing

I go back over the black parts, since all the handling inevitably wears some of it off.
This is also the stage to add all ancillary colors.
Elapsed Time: 25 minutes.

Step 9: Wash

One more wash of Agrax Earthshade. I usually dilute the wash at this point 1:1, but I wanted these guys to look a bit more dramatic.
Elapsed Time: 20 minutes.

Easy Peasy. Here are some close ups. Oh! I also added a bit of GW Technical paint to the standard to simulate verdigris...I think it turned out fine. What do you think?

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  1. more great work - under 3 hours of effort :)
    love painting with washes/stains - probably my best result was <6 hours effort for 30 wargs.