Epic Contest Results and Pocket 40k

So I had a "little" contest (heh heh) to give away a slew of tiny epic marines and Land Raiders. Now, A little background about my giveaways:

My first giveaway was a Zoanthrope and a Lictor in response to a Razorback I won in the Super Blog Chain Giveaway. It went very well...I got a lot of new subscribers.

My second giveaway was for the Space Hulk Death Angel card game from FFG. All you needed to do to enter was show me your best painted Blood Angel. At the time, the meta was ALL DoA and Stormravens. Well, I got one entry.

My third contest, back in January, had me offering a bit of a hodgepodge. I thought that offering things from different systems and armies would draw out more people. No dice. I got one entry, and it was late. All I wanted was a picture of a great gaming table.

So this brings us to today. My latest giveaway of over 200 epic marines and a half dozen epic Land Raiders resulted in exactly zero entries. There could be three reasons for this:
  1. No one actually owns a completely painted Epic army.
  2. No one reads this blog.
  3. No one cares.
So which one is it? Does it matter?

But I think things happen for a reason. Because while I was depressed about this last one, I happened to stumble upon an amazing site where they play regular 40k, but with 6mm miniatures. Check it out:

Pocket 40k

It has now made the rounds of all the blogs, but I first saw it on Basement Gamers. Basically, it uses individual epic figs, magnets (not rare earth magnets; they are too strong), and a metal board to play a tiny version of 40k. Ingenious. They have conversion charts, and tutorials for building various vehicles that never made it to Epic-scale. Some are "meh" while others are stunning, like this Stormraven:
Tutorial to build this here: Click!
Unfortunately, I've discovered this a little late, as all Specialist Games are going the way of the dodo. But I figure if I split the Land Raiders and Troops into two, I will still have an interesting little battle. And I could always take it even smaller and play Pocket Killzone. :)

This is my 200th published post. In the time this blog has been in existence, it has been visited over 50,000 times. I thank you, the occasional reader, for giving me the motivation to continue this. And since it's my 200th post, I'm going to try to do this contest thing one last time. If I get no entries, I'm done offering free stuff to the community at large; I don't think anyone can blame me.

But I'm not even going to bother posting the contest if no one is even reading this. Just post a comment saying you read this. If I get 20 unique comments, I will start the giveaway.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Whether you have the giveaway or not, those epic models should not go to waste.

    Pocket 40K has been around forever. I remember a photo in WD where they used pins and styrofoam terrain (sheesh, low tech) today is all magnets :)

    I don't have much, I have built myself a little travel space hulk. Still have some terminators to convert.

  2. Replies
    1. thanks dude! some of the conversions were really fiddly - still need to figure out a librarian and lightning claws...

      but really I need to get my flesh tearer 3rd ed space hulk terminators back from the painter to spark the SH motivation again. the main reason the travel version sees little use is I need a book of missions that is easily portable, with maps, etc.

  3. Having also seen the idea of Pocket 40k last week it does look like a lot of fun even if you lose your eyesight by the end of it ;)

    Have to agree with Tristan make sure you dont let those models go to waste.

  4. Well in my case two things prevented me from winning, or rather putting forth a valid entry. Firstly I don't own any epic figures whatsoever, and secondly I didn't read your post carefully enough and it totally passed me by that you wanted a picture as an entry to the contest. My bad. Just out of curiosity, how many page views are you averaging per day? I also think that there a so many giveaways at the moment that it may be hard to break through. It's why I haven't done one upon passing the 50K views and 200+ posts milestones.

  5. I saw this Epic contest and am definitely interested, however I don't currently have an Epic 40k army so I didn't enter. I thought about taking some pictures of my Undead Warmaster army (which is basically the Fantasy Battle equivalent of Epic) and entering those. Would that count?

  6. Always reading, sir. Just not always looking to clutter up my hobby room even more. ;-)

  7. I stumbled across this as I was searching for pocket 40K.