Zeronyne's Photo Contest 2013, part 1

Will someone build this for me? (credit Lord Ashram's House of War)
I need your help, and I'm willing to give away some stuff for your time. Granted, these aren't the most coveted items in existence, but they aren't exactly throwaways, either.

I'd like you to take a picture of your FULLY REALIZED gaming table for me. And by "your" table, I mean the table where you most often game (basement, FLGS, etc), the caveat being that it must be fully finished...no dining room tables with a mat. I'm not dissing that style of play in any way, but I'm looking for inspiration. [read more]

This is going to be a watershed year for me in gaming. I may actually quit it altogether if I cannot find more time. I'm tired of reading the same old arguments on the same blogs and discussion boards, but I love the community as a whole. So, in my attempt to create a completely self-contained environment for gaming, I need some inspiration for designing and building a table. And that's where you come in.

Help Inspire Zeronyne Contest, part 1

Holy Crap
1. Find an awe-inspiring table to play on.
2. Take a picture (or many) of it with one of the following in the shot:
   - a piece of paper with "Hive Zero" written on it.
   - you and a piece of paper with "Hive Zero" written on it.
   - your army and a piece of paper with "Hive Zero" written on it.
   Only one of the photos needs to have the the critereon met. The rest can just be pictures of the awesome table.
3. Send it to zeronyne=AT=aol.com with the subject line "Zero, get off your ass and build one of these!"
4. Be a follower of this blog.

That's it. I will post all the entries next week and choose the best few (IMO) to receive giveaways.

A Few Notes
-  Please don't completely obscure the picture with the piece of paper.
- The table can be designed for any game system, but hard vacuum outer space ones will probably not win.
-  Please don't try to doctor an Internet image. I do it for a living, and I will be able to tell. Besides, if I found a compelling image on the Internet, I would not be doing this.
-  Winner chooses what they want from the prize pool, runner up chooses second.
-  I will foot the first ten dollars of the shipping myself. This should cover any single prize mailed within the US. International winners, we can talk about it.

Prize Pool

Old School Vindicator

I have to admit it: I'm not a fan of Horus Heresy stuff. I love the mythology, but bringing 30k to life on the table leaves me cold. But I have this Vindi (not that it's technically HH era), and it really doesn't fit my BA or Khorne armies. But I know some of you insaniacs are gaga over the old metal mini-rhino chassis vehicles. As you can see, it's painted very basically, and there's no weathering. so it's a nearly blank canvas for you to mess up convert or finish.

Privateer Press Warmachine Cygnar Battle Box, metal
The only thing I've done to this battle box is clean and assemble the arms. That's it. Apart from that, it's minty new. I may even have Mark II cards for it, but it's not guaranteed.

Ironwind Battletech Battleforce Starter Box 1
This purchase was a mistake on my part. I thought all of Battletech was the same scale. Battleforce is like the Epic version of Battletech (who knew??)

A bunch of old school Dark Eldar Warriors
What you see is precisely what you get. Enough to make 18.5 Warriors. Click to enlarge picture and count if you don't believe me.

As I look this post over, I wonder if anyone is going to actually do this. I guess we'll see. If it's successful, we'll do a part 2. Put any questions in the comments.


  1. Until I get the picture ready, where did you find the picture of that walled city maquette?

  2. http://lordashramshouseofwar.blogspot.com/2010/07/greatest-wargames-table-ever.html

  3. Thanks for that, I always try to include the source when I post something to my tumblr.