Zeronyne's Photo Contest 2013, part 2...the winners.

So couple weeks ago I ran a small contest:

Terrain Tale Photo Contest

Simple rules. Essentially, take a picture of your fully realized gaming board. Any system, almost any size. And the prizes? Well, read the linked post above. They're not exactly a Realm of Battle or new airbrush and compressor, but then again, I'm not an FLGS or BoLS.

So the winners are... [click to see]

Well, no one cares.

That's right. I don't mean nobody cares who the winners are. I mean that not one gaming tables was entered.

Oh well. I guess that ends my attempt to giveaway stuff.


  1. My gaming board is, sadly, not fully realised... It is not yet glued or painted. The wife has decreed I am only to do this in the garden, and you may have noticed the weather has not been conducive to painting outside recently. ;-)

  2. Is this where excuses go? Ok, good. Seriously though, a buddy who lives out of town came by to grab all of his terrain so my table is only good for making sammiches, currently..

  3. LOL. Maybe I should redo this contest in spring...