Speed Painted Necron Night Scythe

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This is not a "how to", just a "how it turned out". As usual, I think my mistakes are much more informative and useful than the things I did right.

Necron Night Scythe. Paints used: Rustoleum 2X Black Primer, GW Chaos Black, GW Scorpion Green, GW Chainmail, GW Badab Black, Micron Red pen.

Total time spent, excluding drying times but including assembly, 2 hours. [READ MORE]

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First off, let's talk about the green lines. I used the technique I outlined (excuse the pun) in this post, but I made a crucial error. Actually, I made two crucial errors. First, I didn't wait long enough for the primer to dry completely before I started detailing with the Scorpion Green. This, combined with the second mistake, which was not properly mixing the green paint prior to applying, created smearing when I tried to wipe off the excess green across the black. It's nothing that a little touch up with very thin paint won't fix, but it sucks to have to watch for brush strokes, etc. 

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This model is extremely simple to assemble, but like the  instructions suggest, do not put the top and bottom halves together until you've painted the pilot and his control panel.

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This was my favorite part to paint. the complex little sandwiched area actually consists of three levels of topography. I did the lowest (most inset) area in green, the middle stratum in chainmail, and I left the outermost part as black primer. It makes for an interesting effect not unlike the surface of the Death Star. The picture does not do it justice.

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The pilot was a simple chainmail/badab/green combo, and I colored his head with a Micron pen. I find that the micron ink will color metallics without completely covering the chainmail color.

So to recap, 3 hours from sprue to table top quality including filing, gluing, interim drying and painting. I should have waited overnight after priming, and I should have taken more time on the green lining, but I'm pleased at the way it turned out. 


  1. Did you use same technique to paint green to symbols and straight cracks?