Review: Dragon Forge Designs Cargo Crates

A quick one for you guys today. About a week ago, I received a small envelope from Dragon Forge Designs containing and assortment of cargo crates. See them here. Jeff Wilhelm has really been expanding his inventory to provide a lot of variety lately, and all of his stuff is very usable, customizable, and most importantly, not gimmicky. His stuff really enhances models without overshadowing them. So let's take a quick look at these crates, both raw and painted up. [read more]

Dragon Forge has really been expanding their offerings this year, and I've been uniformly satisfied with every purchase I've made from them. The designs are great and the prices are surprisingly affordable, but my favorite thing about their bases is the quality of manufacture.

Do you see that vellum-thin bit of flash on the crate in the middle of the picture above? That is the only flash I saw out of the crates I ordered and received. And there were a total of two pin-prick size bubbles. They were so small that the very first coat of primer hid them. Getting these after dealing with a half-dozen Finecast Necrons was a teaful pleasure.

These crates are simple and elegant, and they are cheap enough to use as terrain in Infinity. They would look as appropriate in a Tau compound as they would inside the hold of a Thunderhawk. I painted two of mine as an objective marker. Some model chain, some textured plasticard, and an Inquisition logo made from etched brass, and you have a very tasty marker.

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Obviously, I highly recommend these crates and other items offered by Dragon Forge Design. They are in a crowded market, but the quality of their work really puts them in a class with only a select few. I would be more balanced, but there's not a lot to say about something that is exactly what one expects. My only "con" is that I wish there were more form factors. Well done, Dragon Forge!

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