Wargamma Tortured Lands Bases

When I went to Adepticon in April, I met a nice vendor who was selling some interesting sculpts. I thought they were very well done, but what caught my eye were his Tortured Lands bases. I basically bought his entire stock.

Wargamma Tortured Lands Bases

I was going to use them for my Grey Knights since I was going for a Draigowing configuration. Since then, my plans for GKs keep changing, and I didn't really have enough of these bases for any of my other planned armies.

Enter 6th Edition, and in particular, allies. I bought some bloodletters and daemonettes for my fluffy Khorne Berzerker and Noise Marine-centric Flawless Host warbands. I decided to paint them up:

The movement trays are from Armorcast. Click to enlarge.
They look pretty good and they are very easy to paint up. Click to enlarge.

Bleached bone, Tentacle Pink basecoats. Devlan Mud wash for the skin, Baal Red wash for the innards. Tin Bitz for the staples. Very characterful. I'll post these again when I base the daemons.

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