Necron painters...a word, please.

It just occurred to me that I've been watching a Necron every night for the past few years.
I want to pre-apologize for my laziness. What I SHOULD be doing is scouring the various forums out there and asking for advice. But now that more than 2 people are looking at my blog once in a while, I thought I would give this a shot.

I'll make it quick: I've bought the makings of a 1500-2000 pt Necron force and a 2500 pt Eldar/Dark Eldar force with a Harlequin theme. I want to take my time on the Eldar, which means I need to be quick with the Necrons.

So here are three questions, please answer in the comments.

1. Prime with black and then basecoat with Boltgun, or basecoat with Boltgun (I have an Army Painter spray equivalent) and wash with Badab Black? I don't want to drybrush at this point, and I will detail later, but I need that crucial first step done right. Any thoughts?

2. Will the Pylon (FW) be 40k legal at some point?

3. Immortals or Deathmarks (if you had to choose one or the other)?

Thank you kindly.


  1. Immortals, as they can score on an objective.

  2. 1. Priming black will look better than priming metal, I've found. But go with something less boring than metal Necrons!

    2. Never. It's a Super-Heavy.

    3. Immortals

  3. 1) The quickest route is spray metal and wash black.

    2) Not that I'm aware of. And unless there's a severe point cost decrease you don't want it to. That thing got a little better with 6th Edition, but it's still not worth its point cost.

    3) From a gaming stand point you can't really compare a troop and an elite as they'll always fill didn't roles and don't compete with one another. Deathmarks are a great glass canon made for picking out models in the back of a unit you can't reach, buy as I said fold easily. Immortals are stronger than Warriors and can bring Tesla, but with the changes to rapid fire and glancing, Warriors are becoming more popular. Both are great on the tabletop, they just aren't easily comparable.

  4. different*
    Sorry; I'm on my phone..

  5. 1) Spray metal and wash black. I like painting silver, 2 heavy washes and then a very light drybrush of boltgun - gives a really nice dark metal look IMO. If you get bored of that (you will, very quickly) then you can paint the shoulder pads and faces to get a bit of personality.

    2) No. Even if it were to be, you wouldn't want it because there'd be almost no way to make it worth the points.

    3) 5 Immortals in a Night Scythe or 10 Immortals as a blob. I like tesla but in all honesty, gauss is generally better unless you're assaulting afterwards. Deathmarks, whilst fun and good models, aren't really good enough on the tabletop.

  6. Spray with Army Painter Chainmail (if you're feeling fancy, though I'm pretty sure Krylon will work too), wash with Didi's Magic Ink, glue green bits into place.