WIP: Emperors Children Sonic Dread...color blocked

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Not much time to post this evening. It's already 1:00am and I have a bunch of work to do for a 9:30am meeting. But I wanted to show the progress I've made on my little 3 year project, my Sonic Dread.
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Not to shabby, huh? As mentioned in previous posts, this is a mashup of an AoBR Dreadnought and bitz from a Demon Prince, a Chaos Terminator Lord, and a few pieces from a Defiler.

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The main colors are blocked out, so all that is left is detailing, highlighting and washing.

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I do still have quite a few skulls on chains and blasphemous books in my bitz box, but I'm actually enjoying the simplicity of this configuration.

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I am hoping beyond hope for a reasonably strong Chaos Legions Codex. I would love to field an all noise marine army, but they are the only ones NOT mentioned by any of the celebrity rumor mills.

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And before I forget, this little troublemaker is sitting on a Lost Empires base from Dragon Forge Designs. Jeff has really been knocking it out of the park with his incredible casts.

On another note. How many Hive Zero readers are going to Adepticon this year? I would love to at least say hello to all of you. Let me know if you are attending.

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  1. Really enjoyed the saturation of the colours that you used. Hope you don't mind me throwing your blog a shout out on my weekly themed top x but I just had to share your dreadnought with my readers. Cheers.