Zone Mortalis: my cup runneth over

Fresh on the heels of the Nid/Space Wolf second wave comes a new set of experimental rules for close quarters or Space Hulk-style fighting - ZONE MORTALIS

The special rules cover bulkhead doors, modifications to blast templates in tight quarters, and other interesting rules. My favorite rule in this set states that if a unit that is falling back comes within 1" of another until, THAT unit has to pass a Morale test or fall back as well. Blind panic, indeed!

I also like the modified FOC for a game that does not mix Zone Mortalis and regular 40k rules. If the scenario calls for an attacker and defender a la Planetstrike, the attacker's minimum loadout is 1 HQ, 1 elite. The defender's minimum loadout is 1 HQ, 1 Troop. I'm sure this was done to promote boarding terminators.

There's a lot more to love about these experimental rules. Like Killzone, this may prompt me to create a small army for every faction.

What's your favorite part of these rules. Do you think you'll be able to incorporate these into your gaming meta?

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  1. Good timing for these rules because I have been eyeing buying some of these ship tiles for my Space Hulk. Now, I can use them in 40k!