Rumors, Nids, and Nerdrage

I should be really excited.

No, really, I should be ecstatic.Yesterday 2nd wave of Nids. Today, CSM and other rumors.

I REALLY should be happy...and not whiny. But they REALLY deviated from the codex art for the Tervigon and Tyrannofex.

They look more like modified hierophants than the walking tanks in the codex:

Bummer. But I will probably end up buying at least 4 kits. Sigh.


  1. The Tyrannofex is a huge change, but the Tervigon is actually a really accurate representation of the artwork. You need to look at it from a different angle to appreciate it.

  2. The Tervigon is spot on when compared to the art work, its hard making one kit for multiple models. I would have been happier with two kits instead of one if that ment it would have look closser to the art work.

  3. If you look at it the model is actually fairly accurate. Take a good look at the tfex pic. The rear legs are quite high, more like with the hierophant than with the fex. It's the same with the tervigon. While the tfex's gun is different, from the pics it looks like they always intended for them to be based off of a hierophant more so than a fex.

  4. Looking carefully at the Tyrannofex artwork, you can sorta make out the tail hanging down between the back pair of legs.

    I think the biggest changes (outside of tweaks to the weapon/larva sac) seem to be mostly leg configurations and some head details (Tyrannofex has no eyes in the artwork for instance).

  5. I guess you guys are right. The angles of the artwork make it hard to see that both MCs have very arched spines like the Hierophant. Thanks for pointing that out...my Nerdrage has subsided.