WIP: Sanguinary Guard

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! I am sincerely thankful for many things this year. My family, my employer, and my friends are the top three "items" that receive my gratitude without condition. But I'd like to share the thing that I am absolutely the MOST grateful for at this time. I am most thankful that in about 30 minutes, I will actually be finished painting these nightmares:

Are you diggin' the old school Vindi?

Sanguinary Guard are challenging to paint. Gold is not the best paint to work with (Although GW's gold is the best in the biz), The models are VERY detailed, and there are many areas that, when built, are inaccessible. Nevertheless, they are turning out nicely, although I'm starting to think that these models and those of Death Company are simply impossible to speed paint. They really require some concentration.

Again, happy holidays, and let me know what you think of these so far.

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