Independence Day + Other Fun Events

For all my friends in the U.S., Happy Independence Day!

So it's been almost a month since I last posted. I took a bit of a break from painting to work on my army lists and to get through some non-40k activities (believe it or not, I do have a life outside 40k). With my wife and kids (and dog!) going to the summer place for 6 weeks, I thought I would actually prepare this year to finish my 3 armies - Nids, BAs, and CSMs.

The Nids are about 95% finished, and the CSMs are not a high priority...at least until the next codex. But those Blood Angels - or, rather, Angels Sanguine - wow, there are a LOT of them staring at me on my workbench. I'm actually debating changing these guys to regular Blood Angels because of the sheer numbers. Let's see:

JP Chaplain
Termie Libby
10 Tac Squad
10 Tac Squad
10 Tac Squad
5 Assault Squad
5 Assault Squad
5 Assault Squad
10 Death Company
5 Scouts
5 Sanguinary Guard
DC Dread
Furioso Dread
Libby Dread
5 Termies
5 SS/TH Termies
5 LC Termies
Baal Pred
5 Rhinos
Land Raider
2 Drop Pods

Yikes. So to help me finish these, I just took delivery of the following:
It's the Paasche Talon with all three size needles. It's very comparable to the Iwata HP-CS, but for 10 dollars less, you get a ton more accessories. I will be doing a review of this as soon as the compressor shows up.

On another note, has anyone played the new Warpath Rules yet?

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