Dragon Forge Design Bases

There are tons of casters out there making bases, and although I will not mention specifics outside of a review, I will say that many of them are quite lacking in quality. I don't like to diss them because they are uniformly one-man shops done as a labor of love.

Fortunately, I don't need to feel bad about reviewing this set of bases from Jeff at Dragon Forge Design.

I got several bases from his Lost Empires series, 3 Dreadnought size 60mm bases and a "Hero" set consisting of a 25mm and 40mm base. Click to see high resolution versions.

I will give a much more in depth review once I prep, paint, and finish these, but let me give you a few of my initial impressions. As you can see, these sculpts are extremely well-made. All of the detailed grooves are deep, and I imagine they will be very receptive to wash and ink. The resin is very heavy but not at all brittle.

The most significant thing to me about these bases is that they were obviously designed not just to look good but to look good with a mounted figure. As detailed as they are, they have nice flat spots among the multileveled features. There are really detailed and composed cracks and grooves, but there is also a surprising amount of flat, smooth areas. This is a real opportunity to personalize and differentiate these bases with painted tile patterns.

They are also very affordable. A sculpted dread base for five bucks? A set of five 25mm bases for $7.40? They are essentially no brainers; I can't wait to mount my dreads on them!

If you have any need for bases in your near-future, check them out. Highly recommended.

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