WIP: The Furious Three, pt 3

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OK, so here's where I'm at with dreadnoughts. Can you tell that I have a bit of affection for them? The idea behind them really appeals to me.

A. This is my Death Company Dreadnought. This is built from the actual Furioso kit. I don't care if the magnagrapple is useless...I think it looks very cool.

B. This is the Furioso I kitbashed with the AoBR Dread. I'm going to use the frag cannon with this one and the standard AoBR left arm, which has a CCW "hand" and a stormbolter. i will convert the hand into a bloodfist (although I doubt I would have to), and although I think the flamer would be a better choice underneath it, I'm going to leave the stormbolter for now.

C. The Librarian/AoBR Dreadnought kitbash that started this whole thing. I have his Nemesis Force Weapon in place, but the Right CCW...well, more on that below.

D. Bog standard AoBR Dread. I think I'm going to paint him in Angels Sanguine livery...it is a legal eavy FOC choice, after all.

E. Another standard dreadnought from the Black Reach box (how the hell did i get so many?) This one has the urban camo scheme from this post. After living with it for a while, I've very "meh" about the paint scheme. I tink I'll shelve this one for the next SM army I try.

F. My last AoBR walker...this one combined with Chaos Terminator Lord bits to make a Chaos Dreadnought. his was my very first conversion since returning to 40k, and it shows. I've stripped it twice, and I'm no sure what to do with it. Oh, and I guess I have one more: my metal Chaos Dreadnought, aka the worst model ever made by GW:

I call it my Khornish Hen, and I'm positive it will fall apart the first time I put it in a case. Good thing I'm a hermit.

OK, so next step is the arms. What arms, you may ask? I was originally going to buy two left arms and one right arm from the Furioso kit from a bitz site, but it seemed to go against the spirit of creating three from one kit, and also, the three arms would cost the same as the regular kit! The right arm goes for $15.00 plus shipping on the bitz sites, and they go for even more on eBay!

So my thoughts went to casting. I only really need one of each arm cast, so this is not going to become a regular thing with me, but if I can just get one left arm and one right arm, I'll be done. I bought the kit, so I'll be tackling it soon.

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