Well, I've been on vacation, but I haven't been idle, although I must say that it's been nice to avoid the Internet for a while. I actually got 5 games in - three in a small tournament! I learned a great deal, and I'm having some misgivings over my list. I was also the only one with all of my army painted.

Speaking of which...I am VERY close to finishing all of the Tyranids that are in my possession. I still need another tyrant (see below), and I'd like to go about converting two Tervigons and a Tyrannofex, but as of right now, I only have 3 Zoanthropes to assemble and paint (one which will be converted into a Doom), about 24 gaunts to paint and finish, and 16 Genestealers that are just basecoated. Everything else is done!

It all needs a good Dullcote, of course, but I can't express the sense of relief. Now, picking up the 5 gaunt box on occasion will not be akin to torture anymore.

And I don't think I'll feel so defeated by CSM...I think I'll have fun painting such individualists.

So in the top of the picture
are two sets of MC scything talons. In the bottom of the picture are 4 of those talons, modified with a small hacksaw  and twisted around for the 4 boneswords necessary to create a Swarmlord.

I briefly considered magnetising the Hive Tyrant body, but it will actually be cheaper in the long run to just buy another Tyrant.

Maybe I can finish tonight. Stay tuned.

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