What you see here is a picture of 10 of the cheap termagants (eight dollars per 5) drying after a dip in Minwax. What you don't see is me pumping my fist in the air and shrieking with joy. I have yet to have a unit take this long to paint. It's been about 3 months that these bastards have been on my work table. They aren't even really prepped! You can see mold lines and sprue bumps, but I really don't care.

There are a few reasons why I feel such animosity towards these innocently vicious killers. First, they aren't such hot models, especially where the front limbs meet the body, and they look bulkier than the other type of termagant. Second, I am so sick of this color scheme that I could freak out. I really need a break from nids, but that isn't going to happen anytime soon, which brings me to the main reason: I have another 30 of these to paint. Ugh.

How do you guys who paint horde armies maintain some sort of sanity?

Next up...10 gargoyles.

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  1. Only just found your blog - its really good!

    I have similar problems painting gaunts - especially as I dont dip mine and (stupidly) came up with a colour scheme that requires 2/3 washes for the flesh and 4 different colours on all the carapace.

    The hate has now spread to painting horms and stealers as well...

    I keep sane by painting them in batches of 5-10 whilst I am painting an MC. I'll work on the MC and while I am waiting for it to dry, will paint a colour on a batch of gaunts.

    I once had to 40 in a single week. Never again...