Stripper and Dullcote

Yes, that is a chaos dreadnought. I had done a test paint a few months ago on this, my first conversion, and then it just sat there. Today, I was cleaning up the office, and I saw this nifty dreadnought-sized beaker in a drawer. So I poured in the Simple Green, pulled off the dread's shooty arm, and popped him in upside down.

Now, I may be a mundane weirdo, but even I wouldn't create a blog post about dropping a plastic robot into kitchen cleaner. No, my friends, what this post is about is...the appropriately-named Dullcote. I was afraid that since i had sealed this model (how stupid am I?), it would be a bear to strip.

So here we are about 5 hours into the dip into Simple Green, and I can get down to the plastic with my fingernail. Pictures tomorrow. Simple Green is magic.

1 comment:

  1. There's an eerie quality to seeing the dread upside down in a glass of green liquid... something eerily alien? :)