Real life has crippled my progress, but I will be back on track next week. Since I think only two people read this blog, I am mainly writing this for myself as motivation.

I posed a question on Dakka: What army should I field that has the least amount of units (regardless of monetary outlay) but is still competitive? Surprisingly, people mentioned Orks! Here was my initial question:

I'm looking to build a third army with a very specific requirement: I'm looking for a 2000-2500 point build that is competitive with the LEAST amount of physical models. Not 3 Stompas and whatever will fill the rest of the FOC; I'd like to have an army to play against that is the antithesis of a horde. 
And the answer:

Big Mek x2
Deff Dread x2 (counts as troops)
Killa Kans x9

Plus random Trukk Boyz and a trukk for objective shenanigans.
There were several other suggestions- a Grey Knight list was one- but I was surprised by the Ork list, which I had always associated with hordes. I'll have to break out the codex and cost it out.


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