Once you scratch beneath the paint...

So I've been trying to soak up as much as I can about 40k gaming in all of its forms, and it's really a hobby that is just TAILOR-MADE for the Internet: Lots of subtle techniques to be shared in both modeling/painting and gaming, competition in its many forms, big personalities with emotional issues, community-building events, etc. In the relatively short time that I've been back into the hobby, I've managed to learn how to do just about everything I've needed to do via 40k-specific BBSes and YouTube.

But I've noticed that it's starting to get a bit uglier than normal in terms of rhetoric on the web, especially among the people who are considered big shots on the 40k web. There is name-calling, mutual accusations, and defensiveness on a scale that I hadn't seen in the 40k community, especially since the lovefest that was Adepticon. It's a little odd, but it did remond me that I don't really need to participate in the whole 40k thing at this global level. I can pull back and just enjoy the hobby for what it is without scouring every bit of knowledge for advantages and efficiencies. Like with producing music, talking about it really buzzkills the DOING part,

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