Painting Project 2: Stratagem pt 3

A little more progress last evening. I am waiting for a conference call to start, so I thought I post a bit more progress.

So here we have the aforementioned oyster shell, crab claw, and half of an intentionally damaged carnifex skull. I thought I'd try Sculpey over green stuff, since I'm still working on how I want it to look. What I'm wondering, however, is whether the plastic will melt when I put the Sculpey in the oven to set. I guess we'll see.

These spiral shells have been painted primed black, painted, and dry brushed. The colors are all variations of Liche Purple. They are going to be part of a second stratagem. The tips are not painted because a) they are going to be embedded, and b) that's where I was holding the piece.
Next, I am going to bake the Sculpey and see if I ruin a perfectly good large base.

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  1. Starting to look good man. I am interested to see what you do with the spiral shells.

    Keep the updates rolling!