Fascinating Army

Check this out (click to embiggen):

What you are seeing is Michael Strange's "Tech-nids", which won BoLScon on Sunday. I imagine that the premise involves the Tau being assimilated for their tech. At any rate, he beat a ton of other experienced players with an army that, by others' opinions, was not ideal.

I guess my biggest obstacle to truly "getting" this game is that, deceivingly, there are usually less than 10 turns in a typical game, but a game can eat up and afternoon/evening, even with these relatively small armies (I think they were 1200 points, but don't quote me on that.). I keep thinking I have a long way to go, but I with the Tyranid Battleforce I have waiting to be painted, I think I'm good to go right away. Still, I think I need to get more up to speed before jumping into a game.

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